Love and Mahaloness 2010-2012 revised (art that speaks)

This blog is dedicated to the last 2 years of my art explorations. 2010-2012

The following may seem to jump from one thing to the next, writing about my work is a challenge, I apologize for any confusion.

I refer to my work as a paintamentary, which is a record of life documented through the act of painting. My most recent forays in paint portray whimsical and fantastical imagery, accompanied by an imaginative narrative. I am a ritualistic painter and enjoy the the zen of being in sesshin. A sesshin consists of long periods of painting, breathing and meditation. This is how I like to paint. Quietly I build my layers, this is my process, keep building layers until the painting works on its own.

Note to the reader.
In a perfect world I would give all of my art away for free. Treating art as a commodity is difficult when it is your passion. I am currently working on ways to improve accessibility to my art, through channels like wordpress. My plans for 2013 is to sell my work online and make it accessible in a variety of new ways. I have written a lot of blogs here on Mahaloness, I am looking to set a new course, and focus on developing my art as a business, making it successful so that I can take it to the next level. For those who have been here for a while, thank you for following, for new arrivals welcome aboard. -Mahaloness

Deep questions…

Where does art and the verve for creativity come from?

What is the source of all creativity?

Just like a river has a glacier to feed it, the glacier must also be fed by the accumulation of precipitation, the cycle, so to does painting have a cycle, but what was it’s beginning? This is the mystery that I enjoy exploring, and when a discovery is made the energy that is is emitted is as powerful as any shock wave. The power of art is not quantifiable. This can make art under appreciated. If it is something you love to do, this does not mean that it is done for free. Creativity requires energy, work, time and discipline. It seems in the city where I live that art is considered a hobby, or an emotional outlet, all of which has some truth. However it is not as simple as that. The practice of making art, professionally, is elevated beyond just the emotions. It is a way of seeing the world and subsequently a way if interpreting it and than sharing that vision with the world. Remember that the process of making art is only one link in the chain of the experience and to complete the cycle one has to be willing to share, this is a true test of your artistic prowess.

Note: this is a pet peeve, this is open to interpretation.
A pet peeve of mine is when artists steal other artists ideas and/or intellectual property for their own purposes. Sometimes it is to climb the social ladder, or perhaps it is lack of motivation to do the work themselves, there are numerous possibilities. I really do not understand it. I am hoping that as we move into the next stretch of human evolution that we can learn to treat each other with respect and grow with each other, and not use each other as stepping stones for personal gain.

Note: I have come to realize is that In offering my gift selflessly, that that simple gesture has been at times taken for granted. In the process I have held in the anger because I didn’t know what else to do. This is entirely unhealthy. So make art, if art is what you want to do and be. Hold your ground, hold space, and work at maintaining practice, this is a lesson that you and I may learn many times before it sinks in.

Why lament?
There is plenty of reasons for artists to be a miserable lot. Even though there seems to be plenty to lament about, the one thing that keeps it alive for me is the magic. The magic of making art, being in tune with the environment and creating within the rhythm, there is no better feeling. The colours the techniques, the brushes, the strokes, all of it is amazing. How paint moves on a surface, the chemistry, the science, all fascinate me. It is through practice that I have developed my style and there is consistency in my work that is recognizably Mahaloness. My palette is bright, bold and full spectrum, and my medium is acrylic. This body of work, my ouevre, is modern day folklore, mixed in with science and philosophy, and some ancient newness. It is part truth, part fantasy, and visionary. The journey has seen me travel far and wide; in mind, body and spirit. Throughout my life I have experienced what I can only describe as magical events. Strange things happen to me, things that make me ask ‘is it real or mere fantasy?’ This is the impetus for my work, I am not simply mimicking life, I am pushing the comfort zones of my knowingness, and challenging my perceptions that have been shaped by my experience. I do research my subject matter, when necessary, literature and books have been a blessing in my painting experience, and even with respect to books, I have had good luck, book magic, and if you read books you know what I mean.* My work comes from a mysterious source. However you want to interpret that is up to you and your experience.

*Note: This is what I also consider being in flow. The magic is the unexpected, and by being in flow, the magic is abundant.

Geographically speaking, this body of work covers a lot of ground and ocean, from Western Canada to the Hawai’ian island of Maui. It is a record of life documented through the act of painting, though I also include digital in the definition here as I am sharing this in a digital manifestation. The body of work is a record, and to be perfectly clear, it is a record of the magic that I have encountered along the artists’s path. Along the way I have collected many stories, some through my own experience, while I have also met several amazing storytellers, and wisdom keepers, who have passed on their ideas, dreams and visions while also giving me there blessing to portray their stories visually. I like to use my gift this way.

Fotomahaloness All welcome, if you use it ask first please. Thank you very much.
What: a hälts production 2012: A Paintamentary; life documented through paint; due to the sheer quantity of images I will have to proceed in future blog space to share and perhaps write about some of the individual works and share ones yet unseen. The order seen here is not chronological.

Love and Mahaloness
Fotomahaloness – a taste of the paintamentary; what you will find on the walls…


























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