little victories

Little victories, fleeting moments in space time, peaceful serenity, in an otherwise discombobulated world. Defragmentation in connecting with the unified field, once integrated, in tune with nature's rhythm...the little victories are the gold leaf on a painting. 

This is a short digi-film I made, also known as a minimotion. It is the first signs of spring in the northern latitudes of Canada.

While the eagles soar, I continue to work on my painting for peace for places where there is chaos. This is my set up, a space where I embark on creative explorations. I keep my gnome close, when I found him he was in ruins. I re-plastered him and he awaits a paint job. I picked up a book that I am about to start, it is about the songlines of the Australian Aboriginals. Balance is key.

the eagle soars
Working the the peace dove. A short digital film by hälts featuring his version of Maria Prymachenko’s ‘a dove spreads her wings and asks for peace’ along with some images of new projects and life in the valley.

I have entered into a new age of NFT art, turning some of my work into digital hybrid art. This is my first launch in association with

This is SLO…

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