Laughing Buddha

The thing about painting is you paint. If I over think the painting part, such as, ‘I don’t know what to paint” or ‘no time’, or this or that, than who exactly is going to paint the paintings? Now sure you can create a digital composition, beautiful, wonderful, but somewhat not quite painting, the feeling of a full room and painting in it, without necessarily announcing it, is really like no other I have ever experienced, well that is perhaps meditation, though in that case I am simply breathing, and perhaps a mantra. The only rule I have is to ask the room before you do, just to make the room wants you to paint in it,, if it says ‘yes’, go with it, that’s the joy, that’s the Mahaloness, flow, whatever you want to label it as.
FotoMahaloness -Laughing Buddha aka Buddha of Mahaloness, created at Market Collective Calgary last 2 days, a chronolgical time lapse…playful work




7 thoughts on “Laughing Buddha”

    1. Thank you, I learned to paint pretty much on my own, I have had a few really great teachers along the way, I don’t really know exactly where it comes form, I just love to paint!

  1. This is great. I love your philosophy about painting… it’s true it is quite like a meditation. Although, I often find myself troubled by these questions like “What do I paint?” or even “Where do I begin?” I simply have no idea sometimes, or worse, I paint to please others. Do you ever have artists’ block like this? How would you get past it and let the creativity flow?

    1. Creative flow is something that is available to us all the time, like meditation, you cannot always expect perfect conditions, such as peace and quiet, when I began this journey I began drawing every day, and if I wasn’t drawing I was out with my film camera shooting, and if that wasn’t happening I was writing, so Iearned to keep the flow by being open to it, whatever the conditions, no nater how tired, or sad, or what have you, I made it my practice to practice daily, and this has taught me a lot about flow, and how to tap into it with minimum resistance. Some might call this OCD, I call it flow, being in rhythm with myself, my breath and than through my art. I am one who thinks that it’s good to do as many things creatively as possible, especially when starting out, and the way you always have a fresh perspective. Always challenge yourself, and if I get stuck, and I do, I am human, I really go back to the breathing, calm my thoughts and this is helpful when impending block wants to shut down flow. As for what to paint, I look at it as if the sky is not even close to the limit. Painting is true freedom to explore, and create new landscapes, there’s no rules. And lastly, there’s a lot to write about with respect to your questions, Mahaloness is about sharing, and I think I will have to explore this in a blog entry one of these days to come. Thank you and love what you do, that above all else helps prevent block, because when you work form your heart, there is no obstacles, no distractions, it is you channeling flow, directly from the source. Hope this helps.

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