Keepers of the good work

It is amazing to this human being, the people out there who are truly the caretakers of goodwill, and Mahaloness. They are from all walks of life, whether it is a WW2 vet who was in Pearl Harbour, who witnessed a scene that no movie could ever recreate, or a man named Berry, or Barry, like strawberry, who is the caretaker of the cooconut tree and witnessed two turtles kissing, or Benny, who keeps the streets clean in Paia, with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen, missing teeth and all, it is truly astonishing. These are the people, hardly known yet known by many through there good work and purveyors of Mahaloness, wow! so amazing, inspiring and every single one of these gentle humans deserving of Noble Peace prizes! It gives me hope, hope in this world, and love for my brother and sisters, the kind of love that has no bounds, no reason, the kind of love that cares for this place, the people, the animals, and Mother Earth. It is difficult to put it into one blog, which I am grateful for WordPress who has provided the channel, a channel where the experiences can be shared, and we as people can learn to appreciate one another in a deep and meaningful way, and if you are out there and shaking your head, or doubting these words, I will say this, keep following this blog, and I bet that frown will turn into the world largest smile, what a beautiful thing to see.


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