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Thank you for following or reading my blogs, in a month I went from 25 readers to over 300, I enjoy writing as much as painting, it is a good feeling sharing the experience with you all. Keep up the good work out there, and yes there will be more entries. Yesterday was a bit of a tough day, when I heard about the dolphins found dread or dying along the coast of Peru, it made me very upset, upset that these kinds of things go on. It tested the Mahaloness, it made me question things, and momentarily pulled me away from my gift, which is making and sharing art, words and Mahaloness. Perhaps we all have had a hand in it, perhaps we have all made the world what it is, and this is true if we are all connected. Don’t give up. No matter what, do. Don’t give up hope, do not give up doing the good work, and carry on. Raise your head, look up, be more on. Believe in yourself, there will be another day, a day of greatness, your shining, your Mahaloness. If the morons who run our governments make poor choices, than make good choices that offset those choices. Don’t give up on me don’t give up on you. If the world seems sad like the story of the dolphins in Peru, don’t give up. Give the ocean some love, send the a kiss, blow a kiss, send a hug, a positive thought and keep on doing this. When things seem strange, go to the light, the light that is in your heart, let it shine and send out that light. Don’t give up. In that darkest moment remember the light, remember you are love and you are loved. Be patient don’t complain, don’t send out those thoughts, send out the good vibes, the love and remind yourself that you are great, that Mahaloness flows through you and you are capable of anything you set out to be. Go, keep on, dance, sing, write, paint, be thankful. Be grateful. Be in rhythm with the Mother Earths song, no matter what. Keep on.








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    1. I will keep sharing my work, the journey and the Mahaloness. Thank you for reading my posts. We are all students, teaching each other.

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