its a powwow

When drum and dance come together the side of me I know so little about seems to come alive.

As a child my knowledge of Native American people and culture(s) was rather limited. Bits and pieces, television, and a very active imagination pretty much made up the story in my head. All the while I had a sneaking suspicion that there was a deeper connection than what I knew exoterically. So throughout the years I have been on a search, both within and out, and along the way making discoveries and building a proper foundation to understand my connection so that I may begin to live in harmony with it as opposed to being at odds with it. Once committed to my search life seemed to present things that served as signposts, and these came in many ways, and many forms, as long as I was attuned to it. There have been times when I have nearly lost my connection and just when I think it is lost, there it appears again, right under my nose. Case in point was a face to face encounter with a Grizzly bear, which initially I was absolutely dumbfounded and terrified by, and than a brief moment calm and silence came over me before the bear ran the other direction! Thankfully I am here today to write about it, and the experience was nothing short of miraculous! In fact writing about it is the difficulty, as I live in a very critical society and when anyone discusses anything other than science or some form of established religion than it is classified as some kind of strange hocus pocus, or primitive, especially where I live, modern life dominates the environment, until that is you look, and by look I mean see, and by see I mean attune myself to the rhythm, the harmony of life.

Most recently I was invited to a small powwow in Calgary, thanks to Agent R, and as soon as I arrived on location there was this unmistakable sound similar to my very own heart beat. It was drums and chants and people dancing in the very detailed outfits that accentuated the movement of the dancers and the animals they represented. It was stunning and hit a deep chord of inner resonance, grounding me to the Earth and connecting me to the truth, that we are all one.


Interesting note: my mom grew up near Siksika in a town called Cluny, Alberta. I met a man at the powwow, Alan Wolfleg Elder from Siksika, and asked him if by chance he had heard of my grandfather. I explained to Alan that I never met my grandfather, and that I was told he had a special relationship with the people of that region, and was well respected. He had heard of him and in that moment I could swear that my grandfather was standing right next to me verifying the connection. My grandfather was Julien Nobert, and he was also an artist, my mom has some of his old paintings and I still use one of his original palette knives when I work. He influenced one side of a school bus I painted and which I dedicated to in his honour. Thank you to Alan Wolfleg Elder from Siksika for the wisdom and for strengthening my connection. Enjoy the fotos:)

one of the most peaceful spaces I have entered in this lifetime. This teepee was painted by the Starlight family, it is a Blackfoot teepee.










20140605-160038.jpgbus artwork inspired by my grandfather and made in his honour as well as for the Blackfoot people (Siksika Nation) and to all nations otherwise





Thank you and Mahaloness.

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