Intrinsic Mahaloness with emphasis on the halo

According to Mahaloness every single living thing on Earth is awesome. Whether it is the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you move, the way you grace, it’s all wonderful and quintessential Mahaloness shining through. When you really feel the Mahaloness, it is like thank you and I love you, and by ‘you’ I mean the you you really are outside of the bubble you think you are in. On occasion it has been known that being in extended Mahaloness physical manifestations will occur to confirm and affirm your radness, while at the same time engrave a memory so that you will have good references the next time you are in a funk, in a valley of fog, misunderstood and feeling all alone. It is at these times that Mahaloness can remind you about the fact you are rad, that you are beautiful and extraordinarily uniquely paramount to the Big picture that runs all the time, everywhere, elsewhere, here and there. In fact while you think you are alone someone misses you at the same time perhaps in another space. This has been demonstrated by human innovations like Facebook, where you can feel your day and than review what others were thinking at the same time, amazing reference tool and perhaps underrated for this very thing. So to you beautiful beings out there in the known universe go ahead and be the impeccable you, carry yourself with dignity and if you are doubting this exercise remind yourself of that time you were rad, whatever that is, and close your eyes, smile, focusing on your breath, as you dote internal light shines bright, in all colors of the spectrum, than open your eyes and wow! As part of a daily routine I recommend you stare at cobalt teal for as long as possible, than magenta, pyrrole orange….

than look up. Mahaloness
Foto: silver finger, a result of extended Mahaloness, washes away with soapy warm water once you are amazed by your radness.
Second foto is a still from a video by PF Bentley, Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha, flow with this link and watch this man serenade a waterfall, and find a waterfall immediately
Third image is a digipainting I made recently which depicts what you look like when Mahaloness is flowing, or welcome to Mahaloness.




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