in the current 

The sun is shining and hälts finds himself in the current of artistic process. The harvest time has been fruitful as hälts has been painting live at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals. It has been a real pleasure to share the creative process with friends and strangers alike providing hälts with new perspectives, as viewers share their thoughts and provide new insights into the subject of art, and this wonderful life. The joy of painting is as much about the journey as it is the destination, inspiration is a two way street, this is Mahaloness way. 


In this lifetime hälts has made many marks, and in this lifetime he will make many more, he make them count, make them resonate, make them sing, make them gentle, make them vibrant, make them communicate the heart, mind and spirit and what it is to be human, freedom . 

hälts minimotion ‘in the current’ soundscape: la la la​


hälts be like bee and polinate the Earth with his art.
the moon refelcts light so that we may see even in the darkest hour.
mountain face🐇🐇🐇hälts hybrid art
‘the crystal lens’ hälts live art in progress
‘hälts in flow’ foto: Walt Flemming
hälts live art detail, in progress, layers building, more marks to make …

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