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In a small intimate classroom, myself and my students, mostly teens, go on an art exploration, every Thursday. My approach to art is easy. Make art. Now don’t get me wrong there is a bit of work involved. I usually envision my class a week before and come up with a loose concept to go on. Once in the classroom it becomes an intuitive process, and I work with each student so I can find out what they like and give them a few suggestions and go from there. Lately we have been experimenting with a few exercises, which I have found to produce fantastic results, mahaloness all the way.

fotoMahaloness -exercise: each student played a song they liked, and than we each drew along for the full duration of the song (usually 4 to 5 mns.) and stopped when the song stopped, and on to the next students’s song, and so on… until near exhaustion. It was an analog to digital experience. Here are some of the images I came up with for each song, perhaps in next Thursday’s Mahaloness classroom episode I will share some of my students work, with their permission of course. Until next time bye for now.





If you live on Calgary and you are a teen or young adult and you are keen on art and process please halla. Mahaloness
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