Imagine a world without Mahaloness

Imagine a world without Mahaloness, maybe the world would stop spinning, maybe war would be all we know, maybe the civil right movement wouldn’t have happened, maybe the oceans would be dead, imagine, imagine a world where there is no art, imagine no home, no freedom, can you imagine? Imagine a world where there was no such thing as Ghandi, Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela. Imagine a world without Willy Nelson, Jack Keruac or Elkhart Tolle. Its hard to imagine this, difficult to fathom. It would be a cold world, no love, no joy. Mahaloness might just be a catchy word, an idea, or perhaps it is the best thing to come along since sliced bread, I don’t know, because it is not for me to know, or understand, it is as I have mentioned before unspoken, it channels through people, through oceans and on land. It is every animal, blade of grass and blue in the sky. It is a rainbow, a sun shower, a hug that gets you by. If you happen to reading this, I would like to remind you of your radness, your love, your heart. Mahaloness is not a privilege of the few, it is open to all including me and you. So lift those spirits, be well my fellow beings, and may the Mahalonessn be with you. A little secret, Mahaloness is flow, if you are finding it difficult to do whatever it is you truly want to do, or you feel stuck, let down, or are blue, remind yourself that you are Mahaloness and flow will come to you. pow!
Fotografica: my crude yet sophisticated studio set up, surrounded by centipedes, scorpions, birds, praying mantas, monarch butterflies, rainbows, volcano, sugarcane fields swaying with the wind, pueo, mangoes and construction of dreams. It is where the action goes down into the early morning, under a gazillion stars, channeling creative spirit, where heart sings and the magic unfolds.







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