I have chosen not to suffer

Today I have chosen not to suffer, even though adversity has been in my life. Anything I do from this point forward I will accept and receive the lesson. If I suffer I am moving away from all the goodness, and the flow. So with this stated I will be conscious and aware of the content I receive, Mahaloness grows with the magnitude of the impact of the content, or ahara, as in the food we take in, or anything we experience and take in. Ahara and art process have a special relationship and will influence process, content and sharing. It seems simple and from a painters perspective it is a key ingredient to flow, if I am aware of what I take in I am tapped into the source, I am going to receive the energy of the ahara and without doubt express without effort. If I can break through before things like doubt and fear or even reason enter, than I feel it is worthy or that the mark is as close to perfect as perfect can be. This is not to say ahara is not always great, in fact ahara might be intense, it might be scary, it might be freaky, this is the point where I decide I am going to go through with it or throw in the towel, go have a coffee and a cigarette, fight or flight, which I think is more like ‘flight or be it’. It is a free act, and takes a while to get use to due to the fact that while I am in flow materials are not always obvious, especially when I am distracted, or unaware of what I am doing and where I am doing it. For instance I woke up and my friend, Jim, gave me a bamboo stick. I openly received the bamboo stick and decided to go make a brush for painting, thanks to seeing a clip of Brice Marden, a New York painter extraordinaire brush aficionado. Everything I needed to make the brush seemed possible, I found coconut fibers for brush hairs, and was shown a seed from a tree that the Hawai’ins employed as a brush for painting, and modified it into a tip for my bamboo stick, roughly 7 ft in length, long. A lovely lady named Nicole gifted some leather as binding, I tried it out and we practiced drawing on a tree, early marks, new marks from an unusual perspective, changing the pattern, and the process all at once, exciting. We even figured out a way to make it twin tipped as the other end of the bamboo I could place a piece of charcoal gifted from Nicole…and voila a pencil end, flip it, paint tip. Now to make paint…
Fotomahaloness…ahara and bamboo beach brush demo on tree




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