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This blog was originally titled, I do murals.

The very first mural I worked on was for Cirque du Soleil mural, under the guidance of Jamie Osbourne, Global Colors ( It was a 7 story wall, there was 5 of us on the job, 2 Cubans, a Basilian and 2 Canucks. It took us 23 days and was amazing to work on in every possible way. We used every technique, guided by Jamie, a true master. Since than I have worked on a mixture of independent and commercial murals including: Hillhurst Hardware, 11:11 Boutique, Air Canada, and a 72 seater school bus called Big. Art is my passion, my love and joy. I love quality and beautiful full vibrant colors, and love working with dynamic, bold imagery. I am looking to do more murals, so if you know of someone looking for a mural than by all means get in touch with me. I also do specialize in interior murals which range from cutout stencil, brush and airbrush. I do background paintings for electronica shows, movies, there’s no surface I would not paint given the opportunity. Please share with those people who would be interested, and contact me directly for more info if you are interested. Contact me at Mahaloness
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  1. I am looking into possibly doing a mural on our condo’s pool area wall(s) It is currently an big blue painted cinderblock blah. Would be interested to meet with you and discuss more.

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