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I am an artist, I specialize in painting, and the paintings I make are a reflection of the world I live in, the places I see, and the experiences that touch my soul. The thing is I am not really certain if it is my soul or a soul that is great spirit, which we all share. Some call it the universal, the human psyche, the atman, prana, mana, aloha,Mahaloness,Gaya, hallelujah, Buddha, light, energy, Mother, some even see it as an animal spirit, or the spirit that course through a family tree. Whatever ‘it’ is, it is always with me, even in times of darkness, even when descent is in the ranks, it is there, guiding me, and channeling through my heart and flowing though my hands and eyes. The images I paint come to me as a vision, this is visionary art to some, to me it has always been with me, even as a tiny infant, the spirit guided me, protected me and anyone who I looked at saw it in my eyes, only those who recognize it can appreciate it, while there are those who look into my eyes and are fearful, they sense something but cannot understand it. Perhaps they are tuned into a different frequency, and thats okay. There are times when I paint that everything around me melts into one, the whole of the cosmos is channeling through me and I go for days at a time translating my vision, only knowing that I have the skills to paint it. After years of working with different materials, paint, digital, and ink, to name a few, the flow is free to flow because I am not inhibited by having to learn what the materials I work with do, I just know. The frustration is that the materials may not always coincide with what people demand. Some people want it framed, or on canvas painted with oil, these are all great in their own right, though I do not feel limited to what the art world or a gallery demands. I am resourceful that way, and will use what is available, and in a world where resources are finite, this is a sustainable procedure, or at least the closest I have found in my journey. Recently I was gifted scrap building materials, that were destined for a land fill. I was gifted redwood, beautiful red and lovely, light and termite resistant I am told. I also was gifted drywall scraps, and wood glue. I worked with the materials and created art that is sacred. I enjoy making protective deities, and utilize imagery and symbols that are centuries old. Some images come to me, and I paint them, in the case of my latest body I made a number of stencils that were made from my drawings. With aerosol I began to layer the symbols and that way I achieve a painting that offers a bridge between viewer and me the artist, that way the viewer can relate to the image, and in some cases they do not see the obvious, they simply get the feeling of being the place that the painting was made, this is locational painting, or energy painting, where I work in an environment and through paint I create a paintamentary, or a documentary using paint, of the experience. I listen, I observe, visions come and I paint. The joy or the feeling I get while working is calm, and exact. I am centered, with nowhere to go on particular except where the vision takes me, and perhaps it is a trance like state, pure concentration, knowing my wools, and letting the energy channel through. As I learn more about my own craft and art it gets easier to be in flow, I know form experience that when you don’t know the materials you are working with, this can frustrate the creative process. My only recommendation is to work through it and challenge your thoughts, especially the ‘I can’t do this’ variety.
Side note: many tell me or ask me that I should do workshops. I’d like to, though I will write this, when I work on a public mural, like the one on the photo, I am essentially sharing my process, and for those who stop and observe will attest, I offer free invaluable lessons of how to, all be it unconventional, I am sharing my way. The way I go is an array of techniques that were passed on to me, by working at different jobs and my experiences, so I do not state that I take full credit for my procedure, great teachers taught me and I passing that knowledge on to whoever wants to do similar things. There is no right or wrong way, though not doing anything and being down about ‘the why even do it’ thing, is not recommended. Art is powerful, it I solving and it is not going away anytime soon. As a rule of thumb if there are people in your life who are challenging your option to create, rather than take on conventional societal roles, tell them to read my blog, or even better, hand them a paint brush and paint, and tell them to put it down in paint. This is a great test. Also if someone calls it a ‘hobby’ let them know that if it were not for hobbies, that the world would truly be a mad mad world. So to all artists, in all varieties, pros to amateurs, hobbyists to full on art explorers, make that art, and let’s carry on the good work that predecessors carried on before us, let’s push into the 21st century, aspire to inspire, a share what makes being human a beautiful thing.
Another note: I may not be the best editor when it comes to writing, sometimes it takes a while for me to get out what I want to say, please be patient and thank you for the love.
Mahalonessfoto is an array of spaces and art that I have made in spacetime. The last painting the one described, giving the wood from a redwood new life, and presented as a lifetime Mahaloness Achievement award, seen on awardees wall next to surfboard, kawabunga!










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