Hunter S. Haltman

Gonzo style self portrait I painted way back in my earlier days. This painting I called ‘Easty Westy’. I was heavy into reading about eastern philosophy and very much gonzo at the time, even though my experience had been predominately western. This painting went into my first solo show called ‘Soulspace’ (2006) a video I put together for my first solo show called Soulspace
It was a nerve wracking experience as it was my first solo show in a gallery, before this I really had not painted since high school. I had nine months to prepare the show. I completely surprised myself. The painting now resides in my friend Ricks place, he has one of the best Calgary contemporary art collections going, I am pretty honored to be hanging with the cream of the crop.
Mahalonessfoto – the painting hanging at Ricks and a foto of the view where my loving parents live, and a place I like to be (a future blog entry no doubt)
Peace, happiness and mahaloness to you all.



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