Humanity wills Mahaloness

We are here together, doing what we do, choosing to be radness, to be in flow, sustain, maintain and grow. When the stress of life tries to get you down, remember you are the composer, you create the song, you create the scenario, it’s just you. Now like music, the song you compose will attract what it attracts, and if you will a good song than good will shall come to you. Without being analytical, we can most likely agree that we are all good at, thinking that is, and when I say good, I mean we are good at making thoughts out of nothing that become something and that is the composition, and how it sounds is completely up to you. So with this I go for paint does call my name, and time being a precious thing it is time to make the most.
Doodles for future paint.
Morphopaintology meaning paintings that I remixed digitally, paintings are Wolfman and the Tara Moderna, a modern variation of the Tibetan Tara figure, more on this later on, I painted her recently on a 30×30 in gifted canvas, acrylic 2012 version
If you are going to use my images please contact me and ask me if you don’t mind, that’s cool.

When we forgot to be respectful to one another the goodness disappears, honour your brother and sister, even a simple thank you can go a long way, it is fellowship and respect for each other that will carry us through.
create evolution, one that instills kindness, caring and love.





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