This blog is Mahaloness in motion going out to barbaraelka, go to http://barbaraelka.com/author/ to see her awesome very Mahaloness good work. I put together some iPhone photos over the past year or so, using my Hipstomatic app, I won’t give away the specific set up, nor takeaway from the magic that does seem to happen, thats no fun, I do know that it is a great device for tapping the white wizard in me. Its not what you do it’s how you do it, and if you are going to do it, do it well.
I am fond of the skies and my paintings when viewed through the Hipsto app. By no means do I take a lot of pictures, I come from a b&w photo background, my sensibility being fewer shots with a good eye, rather than blasting off shots in hopes to capture a moment. not to say either one is right, that’s How I roll.
Now a quick rant brought to you by the search…
Art is not a luxury item, it brings light into our world and is vital to human evolution, as much as science, or any other facet of life that we deem important. It is also a very abused term, the meaningful has been replaced with the mundane, the quality has been replaced with quantity, and in a digital age we are taking in more information than perhaps we’ve ever known, which I am uncertain as to whether that is a good direction, or not, perhaps it is just one more layer of the veil of maya. I hear people say all the time that time itself is going faster, I am not so sure about that, I think it is the fact we are taking in so much information, we are conditioning ourselves at such an alarming rate that we are either going to have a worldwide enlightened golden age awakening or we are as Hunter S. Thompson once said, ‘doomed’. I am an optimist and my experience with people as of late has shown that a golden age is possible if we stop and actually be in the moment and be grateful for what we do have, instead of dwelling in the past, and putting on filters in order to deal with the present. The present is a gift, be open to it and success comes, or close the doors, put up the walls, and trippy doom it will be.









6 thoughts on “Hipstomahaloness”

      1. Haha, actually it wasn’t an automated message, I truly do enjoy your photos, however your attitude has lost you a follower :\

      2. ‘Automatic’ is a term used in Maui for ‘you got it’ or ‘not a problem’ you can find a blog about it called automatic, perhaps assuming that as attitude is a bit presumptuous, all good no harm done.

      3. Interesting, I now know something knew and also feel a bit stupid. I apologize for assuming, though I have been accused of such a thing a few times before. I do comment a lot and so some of my messages seem the same at times. But anyway… I’m sorry for what was said and glad no harm was done by it.

      4. There is no stupid, it’s language and can be misinterpreted, keep up the good work, documenting the world is a wonderful thing, and I dig the long board. Mahaloness

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