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The Mahaloness blog is really the the beginning of the rest of my life. As much as I am able and as long as I am capable, I will be writing about my art explorations. So what is Mahaloness you say? Well Mahaloness my friends is an expression I like to use, and simply put it is the evolution of the Hawaiin word Mahalo, which means thank you. In the case of Mahaloness, it is the act of being and going in gratitude both with respect to oneself, others and for the planet we share, Mother Earth. For those who might know me or my art, than welcome again, and for those who should happen on this I welcome you aboard. This being the first entry I will keep it simple, I make art, art that is difficult to label or categorize what exactly my art is. My influences have been many, and continue to surprise me. My main focus is painting, though I am a proficient photographer, illustrator, videographer; in other words I am a multi-versed artist. I have a background and degree in physical geography, which I guess makes me a self taught artist, though I like to think I have many great teachers along the way. The purpose of this blog will be to make somewhat transparent my life as an artist. I will reveal some of my influences, inspirations, share techniques and also a little bit of the magic. It is my pleasure, honor to share this with anyone who is interested, and with a bit of luck it is my hope that it will inspire those who are ever thinking about creative practice, or who would like to explore their creative side, this might be for you. I have been fortunate and blessed to have met many wonderful people who have shared insight, wisdom, and who gave me the tools that would help make me the artist I am today. These entries will give me an opportunity to pass that along to anyone and everyone. So let go of all those inhibitions and be prepared to dive into a cosmic creativerse, a universe of color, and magic.
The following images include a portrait of me the artist with a painting in progress that I worked on continually for 3 days, nearly straight, Entheos 2011 Boston Bar BC. The second is what I consider to be a paintaverse, the otherworldly dimension of cosmic art, where Earth seems really really far away.
I look forward to sharing the journey with all my sisters, and brothers. Until the next Mahaloness!



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