Hard times only love can remedy

These are trying times for me right now. I am a ghost without a home, nowhere in particular do I roam. A wanderer, a vagabond, making art that makes those who see it, feel it, connecting with the universal, even if there are those who are skeptical. Typically these are the folks who say ‘it’s priced too high!’ or ‘is it graffiti?’. It takes a lot of courage to choose the artist path, holding head high even if their is a serious lack of air supply. I am nearly a master, of my style, many miles I have put in and plenty more to go. The plight of the artist, labelled as starving artist, what a false claim to make, considering artists are the visionaries of the human race. These are hard times, and they have always been hard times, so many lessons for those who roll with the spirit and by doing so, expressing soul. As the plot thickens I try to recall the good times, the only solace I know. I chose this path. When I wake up I see what tomorrow brings, while I tell the monkey on my back that its time to leave. I do love what it is I do, perhaps too much which has made it a challenge to not get swept up in the emotional. I walk the line.To those who choose to hate, who promote war, I can assure you that I will continue to create, and it will not stop until there is peace on Earth. Good times, bad times, come and go, while something higher guides me when it is dark. I now seek to make art that is healing, through colour and form, symbolism and graceful strokes. This is my life, a cosmic explorer, healing souls, and reflecting the love that is in this world.
Fotomahaloness -When the times get tough, may humour and a light heart be my guide through the toil and I make a pledge to follow my words, which at times I admit get lost….and some of my work.<3<3<3








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