hälts live painting ‘the healer’ in its final stages 

The treasures discovered in the process of art making go beyond words on a page, and the edge of frame. Along The jounrey  doors opening to worlds I dreamed of as a child and now I see myself taking them to new levels as an adult. To describe the joy in the brushstroke cannot be measured, it just is, and like a wave on the ocean surface, it comes and goes in sets, waves fluctuating  between giants and tiny ripples, in flux, quick and slow, both whose grace amaze these eyes and soul, which goes into that brushstroke, big or small. 

classic vans on a vanguard
artists shadow
hälts be live painting at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals 🐇 140 10 St NW
various stages of ‘the healer’ painting going on at Calagry New Age Books and Crystals
‘the healer’ and the ‘creator’ mural hanging out

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