Grand Mahaloness

We live on one planet, together, as one, even though there are walls, there are countries, governments, agencies, this and that ‘ism’, we all share this home. We build our future, some look past past and race forward faster than time itself, while others look back and see no forward. Still we are here as one, there is no denying it. At the same time there is loneliness here, there is sadness, sorrow, fighting, anger, frustration, ignorance and there is war. There are powers that attempt to control our home, and torture those who do not go along with it. There are parameters placed on our home, as if it is not our home, as If it is a place where we are not allowed to be. Historically we have mistreated our home, dumping pollutants down our drains, and on a larger scale in our oceans with horrific results. We build power plants in tsunami zones, we extract resources out of our home like pulling teeth and leave gaping holes. We treat our home this way so we can progress, so we can feed our needs, and live in comfort. While all this is happening there are some who live in this home without a home, just able to get by and often times suffer. We are all in it, we all affect it, no matter how big or small a footprint is. When our home is threatened there are some who defend it, who speak up for it, there are some who are stewards, who protect sacred land and ocean so that future generations will be able to also appreciate it. In our home there are magical places that are beacons to the rest of the world, examples of what is possible, while at the same time places that wish it could be. All of this is going on in our world at any given place at any given time. One place there is someone who is meditating and connecting with the land, the ocean, while there is someone who is desecrating it and destroying it without a second glance. It is a complex place, so many layers, so many forces, some working together, some completely disconnected. As our home spins it changes, every spin something new, a balancing act, which makes this author wonder how close the balance really is. This is our home, always changing, growing, and decaying. Our home, planet Earth, Mother Earth. It is my dream that we change in a way that will benefit our home, and us, and every living thing that shares this home. The dream I dream is a shared dream, a Grand Mahaloness, a place where there is abundance and a community of like minded people who want to be the change we want to see, that are doing the good work, sharing ideas and bringing light to our Home without electricity. Mahaloness to Chelsea who expanded Mahaloness to Grand Mahaloness, she is one of a growing many who want to see a world that is peaceful, coexisting in harmony with nature, working together as one, a walless society, with the aid of technology and innovation. The time to act is now, it is time to reach a Grand Mahaloness, so that our home will be a place we all want to be. It is a monumental dream, it is within our reach, it is attainable and sustainable if we work together, if we approach the complexity with love, openness, instead of war and separateness. Step one, be Mahaloness, be thankful and grateful, act lovingly, and raise awareness in whatever way you can. If we close doors and turn our backs on our home and each other, than hope will dissipate. History has given us the recipe for what has come and gone, it is the opinion of this author that the time has come to revise the script. It begins with you and with me, taking action that will set positive waves all around our home.


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