From island to concrete jungle

I find myself hyper transported from a tropical island to a concrete jungle, two flights, a heavy backpack filled with remnants of a journey to make art in the middle of the Pacific. I am not sure how I feel about being in the city, it is nice to see the people, yet nothing seems to have changed here, except maybe the weather, and the leaves, what the heck was I thinking?! Once I recover I will be retro writing as engraved memories come forward and I can look back at the last three months and see what the heck Mahaloness got up to, pretty hard to believe that I made it. I will keep charging, the work is far from over, and really only beginning. Once I find a spot to work on some art, I will be producing some of my finest work, and which I will share with you, not sure how quickly it will come into fruition, in the meantime the journey must continue. Mahaloness to all who have been there and here, and everywhere, though I may not see you, I feel you and love you for it.


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