Finding beauty in Life

It’s easy to forget within the confines of the fast paced modern world, the city, that there’s beauty all around. If I only see the paper in front of me, or the computer screen or the steering wheel, or the beer in my hand, than it is true I will miss the Mahaloness, the land, the sky, the cloud as it gently drifts by. Throughout the Mahaloness blog I have attempted to share the magic, those wonderful moments in life when the trivial has no clutch, when time melts and as it does the reveal, that is life, beautiful, if we breathe, if we reconnect with our home, and give it the love that she deserves. Living in the city it is easy to forget that there is an Earth that provides and this has little to do with economy of scales or the annual deficit, the real deficit is our loss of connection to our home, as progress carries us away, and we believe that we cannot do anything about it, its out of control. ‘Go with the flow!’, as some might say, yet the flow is a colossal miscalculation and we all know it is. I dream of an Earth that returns to her grace, where rivers can flow without the damns in the way, the need to take and never give back the need to expand, perhaps it is time to come back, back to our what it is that gives us life and let go of those things that will otherwise be our decline.
FotoMahaloness -finding beauty in life, it is all around, it is nature, it is in art, it is on your eye, it is in me, it is in everything






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