I wouldn’t be where I am if it were not for fellowship. And like a glyphis shark, fellowship is a rare thing. Whenever I am traveling, making art, fellowship can be a life line, and as I have learned an acquired experience. I can remember one experience when I travelled from Vancouver to an Earthdance festival located at Shawnigan Lake, near Victoria, British Columbia. It was a quick decision, I woke up in Vancouver and 10 hours later arrived at the festival, the journey in between was intense. After 3 buses, a sky train, a ferry and 3 more buses, a 5 mile walk and a final hitch in the falling darkness of an isolated road in the middle what seemed like no where I arrived at my destination. I had not made a plan, I didn’t have a map, all I had was a roller style suitcase, a small easel and very simple provisions. I had no idea where I was going, it was on a whim and all I knew was I had to get there to see my friend from Mexico, and new resident to Canada, Blue Lunar Monkey. The fellowship was the individuals I met along the way who didn’t know me and therefore carried little to no judgements of who I was or why I was there. They were genuine people who cared that I cared and helped me get to where it was I was going. When I arrived at the festival I reunited with Blue Lunar Monkey and Beat Farmer, and danced late into the night in a small yurt with some awesome people who I had never seen before that night, nonetheless they were kindred spirits united by the music that my friends played, both of which produce their music from their giant hearts. After dancing I went to a gathering around a fire, there was a few folks playing the drums and songs shared, it was around the fire I met Maia, a beautiful caring soul who was from Mexico. We hung out for a while and talked and soon the weather took a turn for the worse, the temperature dropped rapidly and a wind roared through the trees. It was than I realized I had no tent, and no blankets. In a dash my new friend Maia led me to a tent down in the forest, and offered me a couple of blankets, and said goodnight. I got into the tent and practiced a breathing exercise to keep me warm as even with the blankets and tent I was still quite cold. Eventually I fell asleep, and when morning came the sun was out and a new day arrived. I returned to the yurt where I had grabbed one of blankets from and returned it to its proper location, but failed to realize that I also left the other blanket Maia had loaned me there. I left yurt looking for Maia and waited for a bit before we left but never saw her. A nice lady offered a lift back to Victoria and I took it. When I returned to Vancouver I remembered I had Maia’s info for FB and messaged her to say thank you for the help, and the fellowship. She messaged me back very upset, and asked me where I put her poncho, a poncho her grandmother had given her. she explained she needed it because it was one of her only sources of warmth, and she would be traveling, I almost had a heart attack, I told her that I returned it to the yurt thinking it was a blanket, and she got even more upset. I felt terrible, so I contacted the festival organizers, several times and they told me they never found the poncho, I didn’t believe them but thanked them for trying and relayed to Maia what I had learned. After cooling down a bit she apologized for being upset and gave me the lowdown on the poncho, so I told her I would make a painting, and I would sell it and raise money to buy her a new poncho, though I know it would never replace the one she had, it was the only thing I had to offer. I called the painting ‘Paint for Poncho’, it has yet to sell, I don’t know why it is a beautiful painting with a beautiful story and would really help Maia out. So if anyone out there likes it please let me know I would like to fulfill this one. To Maia thank you for the fellowship. Mahaloness
Links: Blue Lunar Monkey http://soundcloud.com/bluelunarmonkey
Beatfarmer http://soundcloud.com/beatfarmer


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