fall season

How are you? I am here, back at it, in the digital flesh, writing my first blog after a much needed break. It has been a busy summer with lots going op including mural making, and a trip south to the United States to reunite with an old friend in Portland. The muraL for all intensive purposes was a breakthrough experience after a rather long hiatus from working in a public setting. It could not have been any better of an experience, from a great patron who understood and accepted my process, to all the wonderful people I was able to meet through art! My trip also happened to include a southern jaunt to Black Rock city for my first burn. What is the thing I call the ‘burn’? I’ll give you a clue…Burningman. That’s right, and what a burn it turned out to be. I will be diving into that soon enough, for now I am getting the blog ball rolling. To start it out I will be presenting a mini-motion I put together recently which features the fall season in my homeland, east Kootenay, British Columbia, Canada. I guess you could say I am still letting my Burningman experience seep into my psyche, and wondering how that will come out through my artistic practice. All this flowing through my soul veins along with the mural I recently completed, life is pretty good at the moment. So without further adieu I present ‘salmon run’, a Hälts original mini-motion, a digital short film if you will. The motion art I am creating is in part possible thank you to a grant I received from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance. The aim of this endeavour is to create content for an art installation that will take place sometime in 2023.

‘salmon run’

Hälts minimotion with soundscape ‘fall into place’ featuring a unique perspective of the place I call home, Windermere Lake, British Columbia, Canada. I have been chasing fall with my cameras, gathering footage for an art installation in the works for next year. It will consist of short digital films showing the flow of life and Nature.

Shot on location in Windermere BC Canada Fall c.halts 2022

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