Factory Mahaloness

More warbles being pumped out of the Mahaloness factory, taking old stuff and making it Mahaloness, if you like it pass it on. All made with hand drawn and cut out stencils, love, Mahaloness, and vibrant colours to keep you on the level. Been using spray paint, gives it a bit of a street edge yet classy alohaness through and though, get yours today, if you live on island that is, and perhaps those far away I am working on developing a system to reach you too. If you know someone who might be interested in carrying my stuff let me know. In the meantime please also check me out on Saatchi online where you can buy and order prints, a great gift and always Mahaloness. Peace.
Contact me at Mahaloness@gmail.com
Saatchi link

More goodness to come, next issue the story behind Buddhabear, see image with bear and Buddha figure. Peace

Please pass this on if you like all help is appreciated and honored.






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