Engraved memories

A comment from Rusty,

I first became acquainted with your spellbinding artwork at Motion Gallery here in Calgary, I really dig this post and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me using a small quote (I was thinking of this one.)

“It happens to the best of us, those moments in our lives when dreams fall, and love fades, when it seems like the world is against us, without any real escape.”

I admire your cultural appreciation and creative process towards understanding the Mahaloness of our earthly human existence through your art, it shows

In creativity, Rusty Kjarvik
URL http://www.rkjarvik25@gmail.com/
Mahaloness Rusty, plase keep up the good work and that goes for everyone out there doing the good work, keep it on the up.

A quick word about a dream
I dreamed I’d be an artist.

Thanks to WordPress I have been able to share a bit of my artistic journey with you, and I can assure you even while writing the last 100 plus entries in the last few months I have experienced some highs and I have experienced some lows. Here today I sit on Maui, preparing to leave for Canada, this being one of my last Maui entries, the very place where the Mahaloness blog was born and where engraved memories have been burned into my psyche, some that bring a smile to my face, while others truly humbling. I can honestly say that my dreams brought me to this place and thanks to some serendipity and a beautiful community made up of some loving individuals, I am here living my dream. I left Calgary some three months ago, I did not really have a plan, all I knew was that I wanted to dive into the ocean, and connect with the A’ina, the mana, and the Aloha spirit. The energy on Maui is like no other place I have experienced. One moment it is heaving, as I am reminded that I sit or stand, or lay, on a shield volcano, that slopes deep into Lady Pacifica. Sometimes Lady Pacifica caresses the shores here, and sometimes she pounds brother Maui, with her waves that only the bravest attempt to ride. Than there are the sunsets and rainbows, the flora and fauna, the women here are beautiful, the men are beautiful, and the children of the land, the Kama’aina, wonderful and bright. I happen to be situated on one of the most isolated places on Earth, a place that is spiritually charged, and whose beauty can take my breath away. Although I want to make clear that I am not breathless, because that would make me into a haole, one who behaves like a foreigner, or mainlander, showing little regard for the local culture, place or spirit. I am from Earth, I love this planet, and I respect the culture, and I work at making sure I do not take this for granted. Maui is seemingly an island paradise, free from worry, a place where one can cruise, without necessarily having any beginning or end point. Time melts here, like a Dali painting, lulling one into a daze, while memories linger. It is while in the daze that one has to be mindful for the island spirit can be intense. The history here is rather violent, battles fought, and thousands killed, all on the name of conquering and gaining territory, never mind the growth spurts that comes with being a volcanic island. It is hard to imagine that even in paradise there are problems, beyond the bliss the hurricane is only a flap of the butterfly’s wing away. There really is few words that describe this place, or the people, they come from all walks of life, some super famous while others infamous. The current is strong here, the energy always present, and this makes for an artists dream. Here I am, wondering what’s next as I make preparations to depart from here, it is a really hard place to leave, especially when, like me, I have only myself to answer to, the lone artist, though never quite alone.
Mahalonessfoto island love and Mahaloness art 20120628-224616.jpg20120628-224641.jpg20120628-224710.jpg20120628-224735.jpg20120628-224604.jpg



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