ele’ele’eke (black bags)

ele’ele’eke is a Hawai’ian concept. It consists of ‘black bags’ in your body. These dark regions represent unresolved trauma. It is as if some part of you is reliving past trauma, which is isolated in the far reaches of your mind. The location of the black bag in your body is assumed to be a focus for chronic disease. Aumakua ( au- far travelling; makua – ancestors) are those who protect and guard people, and to protect the ohana (families and villages). Some examples of this are tiki statues. Aumakua can open ele’ele’eke and liberate trapped “younger selves” helping you accept and integrate lost or younger versions of yourself, thus helping to heal psychosomatic disease.

fotoMahaloness I make art with an emphasis on healing, using symbols and colours that tap deep into the inner self, with the aim to amend ties with ancestral lineage that have been disconnected, and offer a catalyst to your brain chemistry that recalls the child within





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