East Kootenay Street Art….well tree art….and raptors

I don’t when my fascination with the Eagle clan started. It has been ongoing since I can remember, likely the same amount of time I have had eyeballs to see. Perhaps it began with my curiosity with the sky, sitting on my soccer ball as a young boy, watching the storms roll in, and usually getting in trouble for putting myself in danger. Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction from him back. I can say with some certainty I haven’t been struck by lightening yet. By learning at an early age to look up, I have been gifted with some stunning moments, no doubt. Let’s get back to the eagle though…and a rather large raptor, the bald eagle, and the even larger variety, the golden eagle. Living in East Kootenay along the banks of the Columbia River, previously known by different names such as the Big River, Nchi wana (Upper Chinook), and Wimahl (Sahaptin). It is teaming with life, from angry man, okay they are not all angry… and his noisy machines, to the animal kingdom, in all it’s grace. I tend to focus my attention on the later, and I have made it a life long commitment to document it’s awe and wonder. The eagles are a tricky shot, unlike my grandfather who tended to carry a rifle, my choice of device is a camera, and sometimes a very big lens. In fact my one arm seems to be developing strange new muscles from holding my camera in position for extended periods of time. I started photography shooting black and film, mostly street art as the city was where I lived. It certainly developed my skill for photography, being quick, understanding exposure and light, an absolute must for shooting wild life. Unlike street photography shooting wildlife does call for a slightly different approach. I hang out with the eagles without my camera, and they learn that I am part of the ecosystem, mostly curious of my presence, and sometimes annoyed if I get too close for comfort. We tend to learn from each other and they remind me to be patient, appreciate, and be present. The eagles love to communicate with one another, in such mysterious ways, that I would never try to explain, or rationalise their behaviour. I am not so much studying them, I rather think of it as connecting with them, observing their ways, gaining their trust, and showing them that humans are capable of being quiet. I also tend to visit them by foot, this is the best way, as you can hear, and see, and one less polluting vehicle on the road is a good thing. They have put on shows that sent my jaw to the ground and left me invigorated and energised. I am both humbled and feel honoured in their presence, and the best shots are always with my eyes, and not with a camera. They call the shots, and that’s just the way it is.

Thank you for reading now for some recent images.

Side note: My hope is to release a short film on my feathered friends, in the not so distant future…

Update: I am working on a new WordPress gallery and page, same address, that will be up before you know it, stay tuned. Thank you for your patience and Aloha, hälts

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