Earth loves the ocean

This portrait I completed many moons ago, it was after spending time with Terra, perhaps not her true name, she is a roaming gypsy who also has passion for the ocean, hence Terra submerged in the deep blue, swimming confidently, even though jellyfish are dangerously close, it is her grace that carries her through, unscathed, a lesson I am only myself learning now. Acrylic on 2 panels, I chose two panels because that’s how I was how taught in school to believe, that is nature as it were, is separate to man, through my experience I have come to realize we are all connected, the separation is a mere fraction in spacetime. My own experience in the water, the deep blue, has been one of awe, the feeling of swimming underwater, letting yourself go with the current, and not being freighted by it, instead using it to navigate your way to where it is you want to go. I have to admit that my path on land has not been quite as smooth, so it is funny I dug through my records and found this beauty, it is a timely message, and one I plan to put into practice while I navigate this world, it really isn’t too different than being in the water, it comes with its own currents and flow, it pays to be aware of the current you are in and make adjustments where adjustments need to be made, in an efficient and graceful manner, finding the current with the least resistance and yet invigorating at the same time, a balance, may we all find ours.
Mahalonessfoto -a portrait of Terra, funny that her name is ‘Earth’, I guess its how my brain works, the ocean does cover Earth, and what we put into our oceans we also put into Earth.


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