There are many things about life that I love. The moon, the eagles, and the art of the moving picture. I have developed a deep connection with my eagle friends. Many years of chasing them round and round, sometimes I get the shot, and more times than not they wait until I am set up and just about ready to hit the record button, only to look up and see they are gone from their perch. Once in the sky the real challenge begins. It is one thing to watch eagles with just my eyes, and truth be told, witnessing the acrobatics and aerodynamics of an eagle with just my eyes is a great gift that never gets old. It is the best show on Earth, free admission, no line ups, no hassles, just me and Nature bonding and celebrating the gift of life together. I have witnessed their cycle of life, from chicks to full blown adults, and round again. Over the last 2 years during the pandemic I took a bit of a step back from painting, putting my attention into learning digital cinematography. I put together a small one man filmmaking kit, and set out to learn the craft. Filmmaking has been an interest of mine for many years, in fact before I jumped on the painting band wagon, I had BIG aspirations to be a filmmaker. I wrote screenplays, I drew storyboards, I worked in the business as a grip for many years, and I made videos on my own time and mostly my own dime. For a good long while I shot on an iPhone, or a digital camcorder, and that was a good way to teach myself there art of filmmaking without breaking my budget. I was never fully satisfied with the iPhone as I could not use real lenses, however some companies out there started making lenses for iPhone and I jumped in with a passion. I started out making mini motions, which now I just call miniMO, a combination of time-lapse and video clips, with experimental soundscapes using available DAWs. I have shot stills on a film camera for many years, so I had a pretty solid foundation in terms of lenses, aperture, ISO and so on. I decided to eventually upgrade and now I am woking with some advanced equipment and starting to get the hang out of it, after countless hours behind the lens, experimenting with different types of shots, styles, colour grading, and so on. There is so much complexity to it, and never mind LIGHT, and how light works, painting with light, or leaning how to best use light in order to create the motion picture, and the mood. It is a beast to say the least. Add in the difficulty of capturing an eagle at full speed in flight from a distance with a long lens, well…. lets just say it is tricky business. So that brings me to this blog, and the short film I just completed called ‘EAGLEmoon’. I decided to throw out all conventions, just go out, shoot, I wasn’t thinking sharp focus, I want thinking perfect exposure, or even composition. I simply wanted to express the feeling of watching these beautiful creatures strut their stuff, and let go of control. I went out for one day and in about 2 hours I collected bits and pieces. Once in the editing suite I let myself have some fun with the cuts and colour grading. I know for some why would anyone want to not use this gear to the bst of it’s abilities… well often I have found it is more than ok to drop conventions and just go with the flow. I made a soundscape with some collected field recordings and licensed samples and using my little midi made a soundscape I thought fit the mood. It is a one human show, and I don’t say this as a ‘I am the man’ kine thing, I am saying this because it is actually really difficult doing it all, there is a lot of moving parts and having worked on sets where you get almost everything you need, including a large crew in some cases, all day coffee and free food, thats not happening here. It is a humble approach, me running around like a mad man, with a relatively heavy camera and sound (but not heavy by film industry standards), 100 % motivated by Aloha, all in the name of creating new art and motion picture experiences for you the audience to enjoy. And, give the Eagles the attention they also deserve. Nature is worth protecting and stewarding, we have a responsibility to care for our Earth, and treat her with respect and love. We have a responsibility to care for one another, that is the Aloha way, the Jah way, the God way, or whatever you believe in. I choose to believe in planet Earth, and all that it provides.


I would also like to take a moment to remember a helmet I painted many moons ago, which is in the Winter Olympics for the second time, worn by the incredible Canadian winter athlete Mirela Rahneva in the sport of skeleton. It is an honour to be on her helmet, and the union of sport and art is something I am very much appreciative of. Thank you Mimi and wishing you all the best.

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