I am an artist. It is my life. I am a dreamer, it feeds my art. I have been at times ridiculed by friends and family for my choice of role, I did not choose it, it came to me in a dream. I recently came across and young ladies blog, or should I say young adult, I read a few of her entries, one on dreams, and the other an entry about her 18th birthday. There were a lot of similarities in her story that immediately clicked with my own journey, on this planet, Earth. Over the years of making art, following my dream, or being in it, I have felt moments when I was discouraged. I have spent the bulk of my thirties making art, it has been my best friend, my girlfriend, my enemy and on occasion a total and utter nightmare. I am one who listens to dreams, because like Carl Jung discovered, dreams are filled with symbols, innate knowledge, call it wisdom, that has been passed on by our predecessors. I have made it part of my process to research these symbols, to listen to my dreams, and to listen to others dreams and than document them in my art. There are too many parallels to be ignorant of the fact that dreams are as important, if not more important, than waking life. When I look at my friends and family, who in most cases did not choose to listen, or follow their dreams, and who find it hard to appreciate that I am and always have, I wonder, why? This can make for a difficult path, one where I find myself continuously inundated by ridicule, ignorance and in some cases jealousy. I have been taken advantage of, case in point my magic bus, Big Hau. For the record my path choice or my intention to be ‘in it’ has never once been one of malevolence, nor has it been one of making others jealous, quite the contrary. I feel that I was put on Earth to do what I do which is to make art, as frustrating as it can be at times, and don’t even get me started about the politics of the artworld or people’s inability or fear of opening up and letting an artist, such as myself, take them on a journey, that is my JOB, remember. I know that artists before me took their role as artist quite seriously, and not in a way that means they payed their bills on time, climbed the ladder of success, drove the newest Ferrari, or even behaved as adults, no, these individuals felt the responsibility of the artist was to create a reality that is somewhat invisible, or at least a world that most don’t see because they are caught up, either in themselves, and their misery, or they are chasing what they think is a dream, when in reality it is an illusionary dream that was told to them and undiscovered by themselves. In short, they stopped listening to themselves. This might seem heavy, but the fact is most people, and even some so called artists, have completely ignored the fact that there are some people, though not many, who are or were dreamers, and who made their dreams a reality, and some to the highest of levels. Martin Luther King rings a bell, as does Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Mark Rothko, William Blake, to name a few. These artists walked a path few would take, let alone could they even imagine it, and probably because they were just unable to, because it takes a special type of person to do so, and hence the role of the artist, and I will goes a far as to say modern day shaman. It is in my opinion not something to be dismissed. When I paint I do not paint wallpaper, I paint dreams, imagination and ethereal dreamtime astral mentalverses, a lot of words and I’ll let you disseminate what it means. I have attached some works of recent years that are in the ballpark of this entry and my words. To all the dreamers out there, keep dreaming, and bring those dreams into fruition, nearly every inventor and interesting trail blazing pioneer managed to make some incredible marks on this planet, some completely off the hook, and in those cases usually ostracized by friends, family and peers. The transition from child to young adult to adult does not have to be a story that is ore determined, fate if you will, I hope there are more dreams to come and I will add I hope to bare witness to those dreams becoming a reality, well, that would make my existence.
Also a link to a blogger named clmkiller!
FotoMahaloness Dreamtime work, I have decided it to provide titles, I will write about these works when the time is right and will include the titles and all of that fun stuff. Mahaloness and dream on.







5 thoughts on “Dreamtime”

    1. Thank you for the love, I am magic when I am ‘in it’, I have my days, trust me. It’s all worth it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the trials and the tribulations, I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. Reading your entires really hit a note, so magic to you too, honored and at your service. Keep up the goodness. Mahaloness

  1. I cannot tell you how inspiring it was to read that. My friend who is a young adult artist is going through a similar situation with his father. I read your post to him and it really helped a lot. Thank you for being awesome!

    1. Thank you Clint, always nice to hear some feedback, I am happy to share. I like to dabble in some tricky subject matter, it’s cathartic for me, sharing parts of my life experience is my offering to the world, and it’s key to keep growing, otherwise the past tends to take a strangle hold on things, if that makes sense.. Mahaloness

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