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Doodle drawings and in between

When I am not painting or writing I am doodling, always working on new ideas and themes, sometimes I practice writing Tibetan script, or Taoist symbols, which in themselves are an art form, whether it is analog or digital, I do not discriminate, it is all flow, it’s all Mahaloness..
Some of these will end up as cut outs for my next painting, which as you can see is underway. I like to layer and I utilize a bunch of techniques and mediums that I trust, as well as some new spins on technique just to keep things fresh.
Fotomahalonessdoodles and a new painting emerges and the last image my drawings that I am right this second about to cut, I know there’s an easier way, but sometimes the old fashioned way really does give a painting that personal touch, stylistically that is.

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