deep under water

I will ask you to take a few deep breaths, as you center yourself, breathing easily and relaxing your busy day, breathe. Imagine the ocean. A turtle glides by you, let the ocean take you and let go of your troubles, your worries, your fears. Let it take you deeper, and deeper…


Lady Pacifica and a turtle.



Now that you are at ease, here are a few stages of a painting titled, ‘pearl diver’s dream’ up for Auction Nov. 15th, bids start at 6 am, and will run all day. Please proceed to Artbomb website to make your bid on this beautiful painting, made by yours truly. Part of the funds raised will be going to help with aid in the Philippines, more on that after the bidding has concluded Friday night. Thank you.
Artbomb FB link
These are a few of the stages as the painting comes to life, it is a play on Vermeer’s 1665 masterpiece ‘girl with pearl earring’




Artbomb Auction link
For more info on Pearl Diver’s Dream and the Artbomb auction go to this link from the archives

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