counter futility

I have a very specific usefulness to offer while I am here, and that is to offer all of my life’s worth. Whether or not it makes me rich, or fame should result,my purpose here is to make art. The usefulness of art is whether or not it gets outside of my own confines, sent out into this beautiful world we all share. The process of sharing my life’s work with an audience I do not know is amazingly frightening because it seems to me that when I think of what is ‘out there’ well words simply fall short, for it really is well beyond my own comprehension. As a human I witness many other humans, and there exists a plethora of futility in those actions, resulting in dissatisfaction with a system, a machine, that no matter what, I will navigate with as much grace as I possibly can. Steady the art will flow on. So thank you to you and you and you and you, for the world is a better place, and this completes the circle, when you the viewing audience sits back and enjoys my versions of counter futility.

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Remember dreams


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