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Please check out CoSM Journal of Cosmic Creativity a Journal 7 and buy one. These wonderful folks are putting their life’s work into this, it is well designed and a nice piece of thread of the visionary art world. I am a humbled and honored to be associated with CoSM, Alex and Allyson Grey, Delvin, Marisa, Ely, Syd, thank you and keep up the good work. CoSM is pushing the boundaries, and giving those who are right there with it, an opportunity to share their good work with anyone who so likes. Sharing creative insight and process is vital. It brings beautiful imagery into your life, inspiration. In this issue there is a really nice cross section of literature, for those seeking insight into visionary art, the artists, and the movement. It will take you on a wonderful journey, a cosmic visionary journey, looking inside and expanding outwards into the unknown. It is medicine for our collective time. Mahaloness
CoSM Journal 7
See foto for info as well and Welcome!
Also in foto the bus I painted called Furtherer, or Big Hau…and a foto of me painting, at a festival, actually a projection by Brooke Brampton, that was originally captured and given some digital magic via Shaun FreeZen, I will explain at another time, it shows something that is bigger than all three of us, it is a collective input, everything on that image was made possible by some wonderful people who came together with a vision and went for it, these moments the spirit sings, dances, and humanity is connected, through and through in every which way elsewhere and here. Mahaloness




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