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I have been steadily falling out of the blogosphere which I do humbly apologise for. The words have been going into proposal writing and more proposal writing. This is a good thing. I want to take my art to new places and bring new ideas to life. I tend to also focus on producing work during the winter season, however this year has been a little different. Recently in the last couple months, I made a few new acquisitions to allow me grow my art business. I have not been giving as much attention to the business side as I would like. It has been a time of learning new ways to sell my art and art merchandise that I can put my stamp of approval on. Over the last decade I have tried various outlets to get my art out there, with some success and a lot of fails. However not one to quit, due to a stubborn nature, I have managed to learn a thing or three, and voila! It looks as though I am on a bit of a roll. There is some exciting things coming down the pipe; art shows, installations, and live art. I am planning an art pop shop and happening for the month of April in Calgary. The wheels are in motion and things are looking pretty good if I may say so myself. So with renewed vigour and a sense of inner happiness I will keep you very much in the loop! For now some images of past to present and a minomotion.

Coming Soon

For the last couple months I have been diligently working on a new website which will feature a selection of art items that will be for sale. I will offer unique art to you with quality in mind and made with 100% pure human spirit. As much as life serves up its fair share of challenges my art remains true to my inner light, and this is what I would like to share with you.

Thank you, hälts

Photo 2019-02-17, 2 25 06 PM
work flow
halts art wearables coming soon!
new hälts wearables coming soon!

Q: Where do I start, when there is no start line?

A: Take one step forward, there you go you started.


The following images are a mix of new and old, as I consider renaming Mahaloness… I am thankful to have had the luxury to share my journey with you. One thing that can be said is I don’t try to fluff things up too much on my posts, I try to share my truth, for better or worse.


hälts outdoor studio Maui 2012
Photo 2019-02-16, 5 46 38 PM
pylon study and a location arrow
Photo 2019-02-16, 5 28 34 PM
love lost
Photo 2019-02-15, 10 37 35 PM
twins 👯 hälts hybrid art featuring a new WIP painting 
Photo 2019-02-17, 6 56 51 PM
a cosmic space van
Photo 2019-02-18, 7 00 12 PM
new painting called ‘Regal’
a blank wall (see next foot)
hälts zicatela community spirit mural Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico
hält art history
woundedhealer_AOW copy
the wounded healer 🧜‍♂️ watercolour



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