I have been noticing that the Mahaloness readership is way down. It is what it is, like the seasons change I also foresee a wavelength change. Up until this very point I have posted over 200 blogs and perhaps my material isn’t up to speed with WordPress blogging experts. I make no apologizes I write my blog the way I like to, though I do admit perhaps my editor is not the greatest, the editor is me, that perhaps I might work at my grammar and and perhaps keep things short as I know that attention spans are a tricky thing to capture, and with all the over stimulation going on in this world it is no surprise that numbers are down. Recently I left Facebook, this may have also have effected my readership. I will say leaving FB was not so easy, I have some good friends around the world and that’s how we kept in touch, it is always nice to see what they are up to, though with all the other crap that comes with being a member of FB well it is nice to be free of it once and for all. The benefit is now I have that much more time to do the things I love to do and also avoid the popularity contest that FB seems to foster, it really does reflect all that is strange about our culture and just how disassociated we are from the nature of things. Perhaps at some point this blog will disappear, and than I will have even more time to spend with the things I love and the ones I love, and there’s no substitute for the real thing. In the meantime I am stoked to write, stoked to make art, as well as documenting the experience. Just so there is no confusion the Mahaloness blog will continue, those that I read it are important to me and for those that have followed I am eternally grateful. The sky is the limit my friends. I would like to add one more point concerning my last entry, a bit of a text book blog and perhaps not very Mahaloness, the reality is I think about the good and the not so good, and while I am here on Earth that I will do whatever I can to make sure my actions are mainly positive and that by doing so I can make positive impacts on the world around me, even if the state of the union is odd, or strange, to quote HST ‘when things turn weird, the weird turn pro’.



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