spring peace

Seasons change, eagles still soar. Introducing a new short mini-motion, ‘spring peace’ courtesy hälts. It features two things that I cherish most. One provides life, that is Earth. And the other one is the freedom to express inner spirit through the gift of Art. A formidable combo. Soundscape is ‘single peak’. All rights reserved. Shot, …

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little victories

Little victories, fleeting moments in space time, peaceful serenity, in an otherwise discombobulated world. Defragmentation in connecting with the unified field, once integrated, in tune with nature’s rhythm…the little victories are the gold leaf on a painting. This is a short digi-film I made, also known as a minimotion. It is the first signs of …

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I am free. I live in a free country. I live in a free country that has laws. I live in a country that has laws that inhibit my freedoms. The laws are there to protect citizens of this country. My freedom inhibits your freedom. Your freedom inhibits mine. People. People have opinions. It is …

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