Built in, and the the practice of impermanence continues on…

Like a cloud passing overhead, or a bird singing on a wire, the common thread is that they came and they went, impermanence is the flow, there is no holding onto flow, you can ride the flow for a while, and when the timing feels right you get of the wave aware that the next waves are coming. This is the story of life, and in the case of the built in protective deity painting, that was once a vibrant melody of pink, cobalt teal, reds, oranges and yellow, a new layer forms, a white wash, faint remnants lingering, and soon that too will pass. The work is always working, the flow is always flowing. Chances are this painting will last the test of time, and perhaps one day be rediscovered, and what will the reaction be, one begins to wonder. The song ends and a new song begins, and with that song a new idea blooms, while engraved memories linger on in solitude, beneath the layers beaming without seeing, it is a feeling, you could walk to this wall and touch it and feel it, this might be an interesting experiment to see if someone could feel it and than translate that feeling into a drawing and see what comes out, will it be close to the image that is beneath, I really don’t know, and that is a beautiful thought, it lets the mystery be mystery, the magic is only magic if left undiscovered, if left to be and linger. Reality transformed into mythology. An interesting extension to this story is that while I was working on studies of the mural at the very same time in different points of the globe similar stories were being told, and that is to me a positive step in the right direction, it is a universal voice that is there available to us all the the time, all of a sudden we are in world that is a whole, and as long as the universal is speaking this suggests that we are on the right track.
Foto: the built in protective Deity, with some recent work that I will write about soon, and the white wash coat, time to ride off this one, paddle out and and be ready for the next one. Mahaloness


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