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The days are growing longer. The suns presence a welcome change from the short days of light. As the snow melts high on the mountain tops, the rivers swell. The bears awake from

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hummingBIRDs DREAM in black & white

My family garden sanctuary is the perfect place to daydream. When spring begins to blossom the hummingbirds show up, and make our garden their home. When there is not enough food source I

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How the days of old wane outside dreamy pink flowers burst bees face deep into the experience hummingbird perched on the rose branch tip a yellow flower sings in the peace dove garden

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I present a Hälts short digital art film. Here in the East Kootenay, I am working on my peace dove painting during a period of war and chaos. This juxtaposed with peaceful garden

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the khaki lodge book

I recently created this digital short which begins with a genuine awe of the surrounding Nature. Here in the East Kootenay, and with a bit of luck, I was able to capture a

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short sentences

The wind blows the willows, catkins dancing in a golden light. The eagle circles, little adjustments to its wings, effortless from a novice flyer point of view. Whispy clouds glowing, backlit, moving at

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