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the khaki lodge book

I recently created this digital short which begins with a genuine awe of the surrounding Nature. Here in the East Kootenay, and with a bit of luck, I was able to capture a

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short sentences

The wind blows the willows, catkins dancing in a golden light. The eagle circles, little adjustments to its wings, effortless from a novice flyer point of view. Whispy clouds glowing, backlit, moving at

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spring peace

Seasons change, eagles still soar. Introducing a new short mini-motion, ‘spring peace’ courtesy hälts. It features two things that I cherish most. One provides life, that is Earth. And the other one is

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little victories

Little victories, fleeting moments in space time, peaceful serenity, in an otherwise discombobulated world. Defragmentation in connecting with the unified field, once integrated, in tune with nature’s rhythm…the little victories are the gold

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My last post I wrote about the work of Maria Prymachenko,… a little update her work has not been destroyed in the war, turns out it was saved and her art has become

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PE chaos ACE 🕊

I am back for a moment, I don’t know where the times goes, one moment it’s here, the next it is gone. I have been working on multiple fronts, and my life responsibilities

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