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peace in chaos

Desert Wisdom The mind can be a tornado, a whirlwind in our head. The desert knows whirlwinds. Sudden giant dust storms that seemingly come out of nowhere, and envelop everything in its path.

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first SKATE and an Eagle

Ice like this is rare, so I went for skate in honour of my dad who knew how to move a puck around, Parkinson’s is a terrible disease. My dad has never given

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wild life

The past couple of weeks were quite fruitful, with a once and a lifetime experience hanging out with a brown bear mama and cub. This fall has been bountiful for animal encounters and

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Fall is a quick season here in Canada. Its relative short existence provides the eyes with a bountiful array of Autumn colours that make soul sing. With camera in hand I set off

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fall season

How are you? I am here, back at it, in the digital flesh, writing my first blog after a much needed break. It has been a busy summer with lots going op including

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The days are growing longer. The suns presence a welcome change from the short days of light. As the snow melts high on the mountain tops, the rivers swell. The bears awake from

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