Being thankful

It is so easy to get down on the world we share, ups and downs, often times the downs affecting us deeply, while the good times seem to pass so quickly, they happened and made lasting impressions that are yours for as long as you are here. Be grateful for the good times, they offer medicine to get through the tough times, they are the light in the dark, offering strength for whatever is to come. Remember that despite the hard times you have made it to here, and that truly is a blessing. This is the gift of Mahaloness, it is always available. When the thoughts turn dark remember the magical moments, put yourself in that state, maybe this is by looking at a color that reminds you of that time, or looking at a picture, listening to a song or smelling a flower, whatever it is just do it, and breathe, breathe in the goodness and exhale letting go of the pain and the suffering that is not yours to own. Even if it is seemingly difficult to imagine, you can do it, it is empowering and over time you will see the change, things that affected you before will come and go, visualize it leaving your body and find peace in your life.
Fotografica: magical moments, surreal to the naked eye, as real as I imagine them to be, reminding me that this life is magical, it compels me to go further and continue the good work, especially those moments when everything else seems impossible.



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