I sit here and push it out.

The weather: partially cloudy, mostly cumulus, relatively high humidity, sunny, fair weather spring conditions.


Behind the art lies work, experience, dedication, integrity, compassion, magic, sweat, tension from pressure when pushed out good things happen, family, lover, those of you who I have met over the years, animal companions, students, peers, friends, those who lived on this land before me, the land, the ocean, the sky, Earth, all of it ends up in the work. Is it original? Yes. Original to me though common to many, who live and breathe life in goodtimes and badtimes, and in between. The window is how I see it, if you see it similarly than I think we have something in common. The work continues, the drive no less than it has been ever before, why? Indeed, ask. Questions, question and find new ways of seeing a world that no mater how you see it: materialist, communist, capitalist, religious, psychedelically, funkadelically, musically, romantically, pessimistically, atheistly, all the stars and galaxies. Perhaps some of the mystery of life have been revealed, though the mystery seems beyond human possibility, I don’t really know exactly. And there lies a truth, a revelation, information sharing vital to the survival of our species who all live on this planet, or however you want to see it, we call Earth. Thank you very much.
Fotomahaloness -progression and some paintings produced by me over the years and my other work and a sunset.












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