Beat Oracle

The Beat Oracle is musical Mahaloness, it is a podcast I listen to frequently, and especially when I am on creative forays. Life is good when art and Beat Oracle meet. One quick note, when other’s ideas of what you are weigh greater than who you are and what you do, the only thing you can do is be Mahaloness, let others do what they do, as long as what you do is true to you, and the love is in it, than the other stuff falls away and doesn’t really matter. Be true to yourself and the rest will unfold, with strong will and love and compassion in your being, there is nothing that can stop you. This is a lesson I am continually learning, and as I do I find myself closer to the right path. When I am on the right path there is only joy.
Link to Beat Oracle
FotoMahaloness analog drawing to a digi painting called ‘Maui Dream’ 2012


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