Be you to the full

Living has led me to a life full of Mahaloness. The journey has been one of ups and downs, and making it to this moment is a testament to my stamina, endurance and resiliency. The friends I have met along the way have also been a crucial component to the formula of living the Mahaloness. While I enjoy my space, that time when I can sit a breathe, no talking, where the mind can relax from the everyday day stress, to be in the company of good people, or perhaps to surround oneself with beautiful company, is a lovely and I must admit a part of my life I do not always make time for. In the right place and the right time magic happens, and the universe opens up and welcomes you in to the greatest live theatre that humbles the human in me every time. Being where I am at the moment the magic is beyond words, and having had my share of the conventional conduits, like a discotheque, or a dark dingy bar, it is nice to know that the unconventional stage can be set too, such as a parking lot in a sleepy town with 4 wonderful folks reciting Herman Hesse, Journey to the East, on the tailgate of a small red truck, and realizing just how much I do love life and the journey, and to share the journey with kindred spirit is what is really all about. I also enjoy the fact I can share this with you, although I do admit that I have sworn some secrecy to the magic of the league I have been privy to, it is not so important who the league is or what they do, I only share my own experience and bits of magic from the journey in hopes to bring light to the world, especially amongst the dire stories I hear or read about, there is no shortage of this, no my friends I am here to share the light, and by putting this into writing it is also a reflection of my integrity and willingness to bring the goodness and let go of the past, never forgetting, instead it is important that I remember even the darkest of moments so that I do not have to learn those lessons again and surely appreciate even more the time that remains. I am sure it can be agreed upon that we as humans have made for interesting times and despite history we still find ourselves facing the indomitable and what appears to be insurmountable wall of understanding that we are all one, and yet we are so uniquely different, which lends itself to the mystery that curiosity loves to find. Until the next be you to the full. Aloha
Drawing morphs to painting, I decided to paint a painting on a rendering, which was for a development showcasing beautiful ocean lots for sale, haha, I call it ‘mystical reclamation’ and some more fotomagica of this beautiful planet we share. It is my hope, my dream we learn to live with it instead go against it, stewardship versus desecration.











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