BC magica

Following a busy couple of months hälts the artist behind the art and fotos you see here on Mahaloness decided it was best to head west and spend time in his second home, where the elders live, Windermere BC, East Kootenay. I see the valley as a continuously morphing painting, each time I look, something new added to the composition, ceaseless magica, and a place where the mind eases. 


make a mile -mark reynolds from bowden
Nature’s pollinating system
The metamorphosis of the dragonfly, hidden between the interlocing secti of a boat slip so easily missed, such an amazing process by Nature
What does my dragonfly friend see?
In my mind this was a double overhead Hawaiian, even if it is only a lake and that would be highly improbable.
As another day meets night .
Visions imprinted on my mind. Hybrid art by hälts ink and digifoto
Setting sun on the water as golden light cast upon a man in peaceful solitude.
Sparkling light on lake mimicking cosmos above.
‘the Trickster’ hybrid art by hälts, order your custom hälts original today, see my homepage for contact info, this is no ordinary art, this is art with soul, with heart, and light. (paint, ink printed on wood with enamel finish for Angel)

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