Automatic. Derived from the Greek word automatos, aut and matos, which is close to self acting. Wholly or predominately involuntarily, meaning doing without rhyme or reason, acting spontaneously, just doing it, and not thinking about it. It is associated with non idiomatic improvisation of free jazz, automatism in art or “Pure psychic automatism” defined by André Breton, surrealism. Within the surrealist approach to painting the artist is expressing the subconscious, not necessarily the spirit channeling, or at least according to wikiwhatever, when I researched the automatism movement wiki suggests Salvador Dali and Joan Miro as examples, makes me wonder whoever wrote those entries, if they have ever stood in front of either one of those artists works? In the tiny and perhaps insignificant opinion of this author both, Miro and Dali, were tapping into spirit, perhaps than automatism could use an update, feel free to go ahead with that, automatic. When you brush your teeth you use toothpaste, automatic. When you receive something from someone you say ‘thank you’, automatic. When you are on a bicycle you peddle, automatic. When you drink water it is the vessel that you drink from, automatic. These are basic versions of automatic. Do you drive stick or do you drive automatic. Automatic is an old word that has such amazing potential yet is also a main contributor to laziness, and even far more disconcerting, speeding things up. The age of automatic, of things just being automatic makes me wonder if that is something that is replacing gratitude and making some effort to be here, to give back instead it is as if everything is automatic. One of the automatic responses I get when a someone finds out I am artist, they say, ‘and you make money from that?’, I say ‘automatic’. Perhaps the point of this entry is to shine some light on basic human actions that are the farthest thing from automatic, the self acting part, the part that is unconditional, without judgement or agenda, it is the act of Mahaloness that seems to be the closest thing to the origins of the word automatic. Now! Automatic, lets add to the the idea of flow, flow being something I have written about before, flow comes in and flow goes out, there is high flow and low flow, when high flow occurs ideas may not come into fruition right away because there is a lot of intake, when flow is low it is perhaps less exciting and if you let it pass by it might be a while before it comes back. So to my fellow beings, tap into the flow, do not be discouraged when it is low, and when it is high ride it, keeping mind in patience and let things come out when they are ready, otherwise you are disconnecting with the heart and will be the farthest thing form Mahaloness, you will be a miserable person living in a miserable world with nothing to do except complain and if you find these words to be harsh, trust me they are from a place of love and compassion, because it is love and compassion that makes beneficial contributions to this place we live, planet Earth, making sure that the dark forces that are here to destroy and hurt, in check. This author wishes to see a world of Mahaloness, one word, one stroke of paint at a time, and that means even when the shit is flying, when all hope seems lost, Mahaloness will be there, automatic. Primitive automatic. Love



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