Art 101 and studio space

-No surprises here
-Have fun
-Love what you do
-no matter what reason wants to tell you, be mindful of mind, it is not always ‘right’
-welcome can’t along and show it a good time arting it up.
-Make good marks, the case of painting it is all about marks, from a philosophical point of view, making good marks goes beyond the canvas, though I will say that if you want to make art for yourself that’s great, do it, by all means, if you are going to make art for you and than share it with the world, prepare yourself for one heck of a wild ride, chances are you will see it all and than see more after after, keep making art, don’t stop, watch the self consciousness levels, the higher they are the more difficult it is to share, be a tiger, go forward strong, be a shark, stream lined and efficient and be magnificent, there really is so much time
-there is no such thing as ‘where to begin’, simply, begin.
-if you decide to paint a bus, do not get run over
-if you decide to paint a dream paint a dream
-if asked to paint someone else’s dream, give them a paint brush and kindly say ‘DIY’
-have fun
That’s all for now
Various studio spaces I have in or on over the years












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