Ancient Newness

Ancient Newness, the ancient story tellers set a lot of what we see today into motion. Early cave paintings using sophisticated imagery which according to Werner Herzog, was the early beginnings of cinema, moving picture. I recommend ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’, a documentary by Werner Herzog. Over time the stories have evolved and today we see a hodge podge of ideas forming into what I call Ancientnewness, perhaps most notable in the visionary arts movement. I also painted the second painting titled Wodaabe Dreamtime, which explores the Nomadic Saharan tribe, in which Herzog was responsible for yet another great documentary titled ‘Wodaabe: Herdsmen of the Sun’ made in 1989. I decided to bring it full circle with Ancientnewness, as my early predecessors painted on the walls of caves, I painted Ancientnewness in a modern day cave, called a basement suite duplex. For more info search the titles, or look up Werner Herzog, he is one of many individuals who has influenced my work, and whose work ethic, vision and stamina go unmatched.

Ancient Newness 24 x 48 in. Acrylic on Canvas 2011
Wodaabe Dreamtime 24 x 48 in. Acrylic on Canvas 2012 (private collector)

Link to Ancient Newness where you can order prints or buy the original.



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