An autobiography for the curious

If you are wanting a short entry please come again, if you are curious who I am, and would like a little background about me and what my work is about, this is for you, I apologize a bit for this entry it is not so easy to write about me and the journey so here it goes…
It all began when I was 2 and I left the house of my parents and explored the outside world, leaving a mom in fear she had a lost child and a father shaking his head. Since those early years I have worked and continued to explore the world, mainly as a visual artist, making paintings, murals, drawings and public in situ painting, in all sorts of different environments, and situations, sometimes organized, sometimes renegade. My paint is as much about spirit and energy as it is a geographical record of the human condition and the rapid changes we are experiencing. Before I was a practicing artist I was a geographer, I studied the climate, weather patterns and glaciology, the study of glaciers. I went to university for 5 years, learning at a rate that I will never match again, hungry for knowledge so I could understand the world that I found myself in. As the years went by and my knowledge based grew I went from being a optimistic curious to pessimistic furious. Often times I was angry and felt the world to be a cruel place, I was full of judgement, and felt very few cared about what was happening. Even since those times I practice practice practice, being mindful that this kind of paranoia was the farthest thing from what actually is, and what I am actually here to do. It took some dark times to see that inside the dark was a light, that the darkness I was seeing around me was my own darkness being reflected back. This a far cry from my youth when I was truly a free spirit, led by curiosity and wonder that always amounted to great adventures. The world can be a scary place, with all the bad news no wonder tensions are rising and hyper paranoia is gathering momentum. It goes back to the times when castles were surrounded by tall insurmountable walls, and we all know this phenomenon is still in practice today. My parents offered a life to me, they passed on information and provided channels that would help me to survive in a world that my mother to this day has a hard time trusting, mother’s worry, you know what I mean. Both my parents instilled eduction, they felt it important to get ahead in life, they believed that an education would allow me to succeed in life, and develop a nest egg when it was my time. So I went to school. When I began school I had this vision, that man would come together and utilize their radness, their extraordinary ability to find resourceful and innovative ways to live on this planet in a way that benefits our home. It became apparent to me that I was capable of being one of these minds, that if I worked hard that in some way I could help my fellow man and do what was right, automatic. After I left university, and feeling somewhat discouraged about humanity and the the system I found myself being locked into, I decided to go to film school. I wanted to tell my story through film, it lasted 4 months, in that time I wrote a feature length screenplay called Dark Night of the Soul. I also worked on sets for a good 8 years and gotna taste of what the film industry was all about, I never did make the film, to this day it sits in a box at my sisters home, waiting patiently for my return and some angel funding. During this period I went to opening in Toronto in 2004 and fell in love with painting. Since than I have been telling my story one painting, one drawing, one picture at a time, a paintamentary that keeps going, pieces spread out all over the globe, and this thing we call cyberspace. It seems that my years of explorations in the hopes of discovering the state of the planet, and all its inhabitants, has out out me right here, writing a b,og about Mahaloness, trying to keep it short and sweet so to not take too much of your time, while at the same time providing my story so we can collectively recognize how close we really are, 6 degrees. I have made it my life mission to be here and do the good work, to make conscious art, and showcase the goodness that exists, while tap into the flow and in all actually have no real idea of what it means or whee it is going, let alone where it comes from. It is cutting edge and I know it is, I also know it takes a 150 years to decipher the message, or at least that has been the average for the great works that artists before me put out into the known universe, some even older than 40 000 years and we still have no idea what they really mean! I love to work directly with people, sharing live process, in any,ind of environment, it’s all wonderful. It is in the live in situ work where I have a chance to talk with those who want to hear or know what it is I am working on, while also listen to peoples stories, a vital part of my methodology. Over time I have gathered information on the state of mind that each generation carries, and made paintings that if placed in one room would be a great movie, without the need for a projector. I like to paint portraits of the luminous ones, the people who have shone a light and presented their radness, unconditionally and voluntarily. In my years of doing live public work I have met so many who tell me they would of loved to be an artist, that they wanted to follow their dream but instead found themselves doing what they had to do to make ends meet. There is a growing frustration and resentment, so many beautiful people who feel with their hearts, while at the same time battling with their minds. It is in their eyes, eyes that reflect a human spirit whose dignity has been tested time after time . Even though separated by 6 degrees of separation, so many people angered by their governments only to see their freedoms recede like our glaciers. I don’t want no fight, I don’t want no trouble, I want to have a family, I want to have a nice piece of land, build a home and grow a garden. It is dream of many, while a few turn dream into a reality, self sufficient folks, the numbers growing all the time. For me it is a still a dream, it is left untouched by the reality that I face every day I wake, I am an artist making paintings about spirit and energy, about human condition, people love my work few actually buy my work and if they do it is at a price fair to them, quite often unaware of the energy I actually have put in. This is okay though, I haven’t stopped, I will continue to make art for as long as I am able. Sometimes I feel the sadness of the Earth, it can get the best of me, losing joy to the fight that is my dignity extinguishing. If this happens I like to sit under the stars, breathe, and remind myself how small I really am and than close my eyes and look inside, and nurture the intrinsic grace, go to my internal star. As a mantra I internalize love and compassion, and than send this to my friends, my family, this Earth, our home. This is why I make art that is bright, although every once and a while dark pieces do come out of me, sometimes I share them and sometime I paint over them as I did the second painting you see below, a painting about sadness, a mother losing her child to war. So this has been a rather long entry, take a moment and breathe, and look at the paintings, put them on your desktop, and if you like what you see and you are a collector, commission a painting, I do accept inquiries and will respond to those who are interested, my email is Please acknowledge that energy was put into this, and energy must be returned, it creates a balanced energy exchange, if you know what I mean.
Fotos: a painting about sadness, and pride (Scarlett Johansson esque as a modern day Marilyn Monroe staring into the mirror with a skull, holding the bible and covered by the stars and stripes with a dream to never be old. Third painting a play on Vermeer except this version includes a Japanese Pearl Diver in search of a new universe to inhabit. Fourth is Paint for Poncho, freedom fighter series. The fifth is the Green or White Tara depending on how you view it. Next is Cosmic Girl an allegory of a woman being in the modern world. second last is a detail from a painting called Lovechild and lastly is Charlotte, a portrait of a free spirit.








5 thoughts on “An autobiography for the curious”

  1. Beautiful, I read it all and I understand everything you say.. thank you for sharing its so nice to know there are people on the same page, it gives hope! I love your paintings too, you are very talented.

  2. Amazing Art Dude* luvv da Scarlett Jo + I came across yer site via Eye Collector + U have one shot of Art propped on a wall + I love the background piece* Rock On********

    1. Mahaloness to you, yes the Scarlett Jo is an exceptional peice in my collection, I had a vision the other day of a continuation of that painting, most likely a new subject, when it comes I’ll post it. Thanks for the feedback!

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